Student Hourly Pay Plan

The rate of pay for a student hourly employee paid from general use funds is based on the student employee’s “Year of Service” as follows:

Year 1 = $8.00 per hour
Year 2 = $8.25 per hour
Year 3 = $8.50 per hour
Year 4+ = $8.75 per hour

  • A “Year of Service” is defined as 365 days appointed to a position or positions in the same “Department.”

  • A “Department” is one organizational unit with the same departmental name, or more than one organizational unit that is governed by a common supervisor (i.e. Business Office includes Cashier’s office; Office of Information Systems includes Printing & Postal Services). 

  • A student employee’s “Year of Service” starts with the 1st appointment/hire date to a position in the department, as defined for this program.

  • The pay increase can be effective no earlier than the 1st day of the pay period in which the student employee’s Year of Service date occurs and must be initiated by the Department.

  • The Student Salary Increase Dates - Area of Responsibility (AOR) report (under My Dashboard > "Line Manager & Administrator Dashboard" shows the salary increase date for students who are within your area of responsibility (AOR). Use this report to determine when a student is eligible for an increase per the Student Hourly Pay Plan.

  • The Department has discretion to award the pay increase to eligible student employees.  The pay increase can be awarded at any time upon attainment of the appropriate years of service.

  • To initiate the increase for an eligible student employee, use My Dashboard > "Line Manager & Administrator Dashboard" > "Employee Change Request - AOR" (be sure to use the student's 7 digit person id number) then "View Report" icon and use .rft file to download, complete the form, and send to

  • The increase will be effective on the 1st day of the pay period in which the Department initiates a revised student appointment form through GUS.  Retroactive pay increases will not be made if a revision is not entered by the Department on or before the second Friday of the pay period.   

  • Pay increases will be in .25 cent increments only.

  • Years of Service for active student employees will be determined as of the effective date of this program.  Departments may award pay increases in .25 cent increments as appropriate for the student employee’s Years of Service at that time.

  • Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Division Head, Vice President, or President if President's Division.