Racial Harassment Policy

Academic freedom can exist only when all are free to pursue ideas in a non-threatening atmosphere of mutual respect. Racial harassment is harmful not only to the person involved, but also to the entire University community. Racial harassment includes but is not limited to verbal, physical or written abuse directed toward an individual or group, which has the purpose or effect of the following:

  • creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive group or educational environment for an individual or group;
  • interfering with an individual's or group's work, academic performance, living environment, personal safety, or participation in any University-sponsored activities;
  • threatening an individual's or group's employment or academic opportunities.

Any such act shall be violation of Pittsburg State University's racial harassment policy. Offenses may be appealable through the affirmative action grievance process for faculty and staff.

(Source: PSU Unclassified Handbook)

Page revision date: 07/11/2018