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GUS HR Job Aid Worksheet (1/20/2019)

GUS HR Fact Sheet (01/20/2019)

How to Know If You are Paid Hourly or Salaried and If You Have Benefits (05/11/2017)

Manage Home and Mailing Address in GUS HR and MAP (11/26/2019)

Manage Personal Phone and Email Address in GUS HR (12/11/2017)

Skype Business Overview (05/05/2017)

University Policies (10/31/2018)

View Pay Slip (05/15/2017)

Viewing Total Compensation Statements (03/06/18)

W-2 and Electing Electronic Access (4/15/2019)

Who Is My Line Manager? Who Are My Direct Reports? (05/11/2017)

Goals and Performance Evaluations (Benefits Eligible)

Goals- Employee Creates a Goal-USS and UPS Employees (04/30/2019)

Goals-Employee Edits a Goal- USS and UPS Employees (04/30/2019)

Performance Evaluation-USS and UPS Employees (04/30/2019)

Reporting (Admin)

Payroll Detail- Student Temporary Employees Report (11/03/2017)

Time and Labor and Absence Management

Time Card Best Practices (01/22/2019)

View Absence Balances (06/02/2017)





Gorilla Geeks (x. 4600) can assist with the following:
If you cannot log into any services – GUS Portal, GUS Classic, email, GUSNet, etc, please see the Gorilla Geeks.
If you have issues entering time or leave on your time card – this does not include submission errors, please see Gorilla Geeks.
HRS (x.4191) can assist with the following:
If the only service that you can’t log into is GUS Cloud, please see HRS
If you have issues submitting time cards, please see HRS
All other GUS HR-related questions/problems/issues