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Accident Report Forms

Acknowledgement and Agreement

Advanced Leave Agreement (Fillable PDF)

Affordable Care Act (ACA) - New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options & Your Health Coverage

Authorization Form for Release of Medical Information (Fillable PDF)

Change Checklist (Changes in Name, Address, Marital Status & Number of Children)

Compensatory Time Agreement for Non-Exempt Employees

Conflict Resolution/Grievance Review Request Form (Fillable PDF)

Direct Deposit (EFT) Authorization Form

Donor Leave Request Form (Fillable PDF)

Employee Change Request Form- Employees With No Benefits (Students, Graduate Assistants, USS and Unclassified) *Use GUS Recruit Dashboard Form: "Employee Change Request - Direct Reports (Students, Graduate Assistants, USS and UNC No Benefits)"*

Employee Information Sheet

Extra Duty Compensation Form 

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Forms

Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) Forms

Funeral Leave Request Form (KAPE Service & Maintenance Employees ONLY) (Fillable PDF)

Funeral Leave Request Form (Fillable PDF)

Group Health Insurance (GHI) Forms -

Holiday Overtime Reporting (Fillable PDF)

I-9 Form (Fillable PDF, If you have issues filling out online, try a different browser.)

Independent Contractor / Consultant Certification & Request to Pay Worksheet

K-4 - Kansas Income Tax Withholding (Fillable PDF)


Learning Quest Payroll Deduction Forms

Life Insurance Beneficiary Form - Regents Retirement Plan (Fillable PDF)

Life Insurance - Conversion Option (Fillable PDF)

Life Insurance - Portability Option (Fillable PDF)

MO W-4 - Missouri Income Tax Withholding (Fillable PDF)

MO W-4C - Missouri Income Tax Withholding Waiver (Fillable PDF)

Nine Pay Twelve Salary Payment Option

Oath of the State of Kansas

Oath of the State of Kansas - Student Employees

Overtime Approval Form (Fillable PDF)

Parental Leave Request Form

Payroll Forms

Phased Retirement Sample Agreement (PDF)  (Word)

Performance Management Counseling Checklist

Performance Review Process

Position Descriptions

Position Details Worksheet

Property Issuance and Return Agreement

PSU COVID-19 Leave Request Form

PSU Foundation Payroll Deduction Form (PDF)

PSU ID Worksheet

Retirement Plan Investment Agreement - Regents Mandatory Retirement Plan (Fillable PDF)

Retirement Plan Investment Agreement - Voluntary Tax Sheltered Annuity Plan - Pre Tax (Fillable PDF)

Retirement Plan Investment Agreement - Voluntary Tax Sheltered Annuity Plan - After Tax Roth (Fillable PDF)

Retirement Verification

Shared Leave State of Kansas Program (University Support Staff and Non-KNEA Members)

Shared Leave - KNEA Program

Social Security Exemption Notification

Standard Evaluation Form of Applications

State of Kansas Tax Clearance Program Employee Acknowledgement

Substance Abuse Policy Affirmation Form

Substantial Presence Worksheet - 2023

Temporary University Support Staff Position Acknowledgment

Telework Request Form (Temporary)

Time Sheets

Tuition Assistance Applications

Volunteer Agreement and Release (Fillable PDF)

W-4 - Federal Income Tax Withholding (Fillable PDF)

Withdrawals from the Kansas Board of Regents Mandatory Retirement Plan

Withdrawals from the Kansas Board of Regents Voluntary Retirement Plan