Time Reporting 11/3/19- 11/16/19


The GUS HR Time Card icon for pay period 11/3 – 11/16/2019 will be hidden for most of the days in this pay period because of an update to GUS Cloud.  The time card icon for this pay period will be unhidden as soon as the update is completed on Saturday, 11/16.  Each hourly employee (student, graduate research assistant, graduate administrative assistant, USS and unclassified) who has work hours and leave taken to report during pay period 11/3 – 11/16/2019 will need to complete the time card and submit to line manager for approval starting on Saturday, 11/16.  Time cards should be submitted to the line manager for approval to meet the Monday, 11/18/2019 noon deadline.


We will also have to delete any time cards or absences started for this pay period.  If you started a time card for this pay period or an absence between 11/3 and 11/16, you will need to do a new time card after the icon is unhidden on 11/16.


Note that this pay period also includes Veteran’s Day.  Unclassified and USS employees who earn vacation leave should review the appropriate Job Aid on reporting time on Veteran’s Day:

Entering Veteran's Day on a Time Card- Hourly Unclassified (11/09/2018)

Entering Veteran's Day on a Time Card- Hourly USS (11/09/2018)

Entering Veteran's Day Holiday on a Time Card- USS Salaried (11/01/2017)

Entering Veteran's Day Holiday on a Time Card- Unclassified Salaried Employees (11/09/2018)


Find Job Aids here:  https://www.pittstate.edu/hr/policies/gus-cloud-job-aids.html


The important takeaway from this message is as follows:


  • Monday, 11/4 – GUS HR time card icon hidden after the time card deadline for pay period 10/20 – 11/2/2019 @ 9:00 am on 11/4. No employee can enter – or try to enter – hours worked form pay period 11/3 – 11/16 in the GUS HR time card until the time card icon is no longer hidden.
  • Friday, 11/15 – Saturday, 11/16 – GUS Cloud updated with 19D.
  • Saturday, 11/16 – Time card icon unhidden (time based on completion of 19D update). Employees can begin to enter hours worked for pay period 11/3 – 11/16/2019 and submit to their line manager for approval as soon as the time card icon is unhidden.
  • Monday, 11/18 – All time cards must be approved by the line manager by 12:00 pm (noon).


Note that HRS must have payroll completed and submitted to Topeka by Wednesday, 11/20 because of the Thanksgiving Holiday.  We will not be able to process payroll for employees whose time cards are not approved by the Monday, noon deadline.


We apologize for the inconvenience this will undoubtedly cause!  The 19D update is happening at a very bad time with Veteran’s Day and the early deadline for payroll falling the same time.  We ask that you all prepare ahead and take necessary steps to ensure that you will get paid on schedule if you work during this pay period.